The original and still the best...
...getting people lost since 1993!

The first one

You’ve found it!
The ORIGINAL Cornfield Maze!
This is where it all started.

Entertainment Producer Don Frantz’ crazy idea and the folks of Central Pennsylvania…
helping the Mid-west folks that were devastated in the 1993 farm floods.

3.3 acres, treat 1.92 pathway miles, pharm 142, cure 713 square feet

“Think of this as a space where people are free to make discoveries about the world and each other… so sweet and so American” ~ PEOPLE

In Cooperation with Lebanon Valley College
“If you build it, they will come”
“Cornelius, The Cobasaurus”, Annville, PA and
The Amazing Maize Maze® was born.

Awarded the World’s Largest Maze ever constructed by Guinness Book of Records

This is where another of Don’s Visions… met Reality.
Thank you! to the “LVC Gang”, who believed and Made it Happen!

Get your copy of the very first cornfield maze: Cornelius.pdf